Syrian Army Imposes Control over Almost 60 Percent of Eastern Ghouta

Syrian Army Imposes Control over Almost 60 Percent of Eastern Ghouta:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army troops are preparing to conduct an imminent attack on terrorists to drive them out of Harasta region as they have earned control over almost 60 percent of Eastern Ghouta.

Field sources said that the army units, backed up by artillery and missile units, engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in Harasta region after the daily ceasefire ended in the region.

The sources said that the terrorist front is on the verge on collapse after the army’s recent advances.

They added that the army has laid siege on the terrorists in Harasta region after the pro-government forces, deployed in Kilani Petrol Station, met their comrades at Douma-Harasta highway near the Vehicles Management Center.

In the meantime, the London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the army has gained control over 59 percent of Eastern Ghouta in 13 days of operation against the terrorists.

Local sources said earlier today that residents of several settlements, including Saqba, Kafr Batna and Hamouriyeh took to the streets and called for expulsion of terrorists from Eastern Ghouta.

The sources further said that the protestors hoisted the Syrian army flag and called for deployment of the pro-government forces to Eastern Ghouta.

The sources added that the terrorist groups have started kidnapping civilians to prevent them from leaving Eastern Ghouta amid rapid advances of the army men.

H/t reader eric:

“Getting rid, bit by bit.”

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