US Sends Hundreds of Forces to Al-Tanf Base in Southern Syria

US Sends Hundreds of Forces to Al-Tanf Base in Southern Syria:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US Army dispatched hundreds of fresh forces to al-Tanf base in Southeastern Homs at the border with Jordan within the framework of an illegal presence in the war-hit country, a media outlet reported on Saturday.

The Arabic-language TRT quoted local sources at Syria’s border with Jordan as saying that the US has forwarded a sum of 200 fresh forces to al-Tanf base during the last week.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had recently said that the US was planning to set up 20 bases in Northern Syria and to send a large volume of arms and ammunition by 5,000 trucks and 2,000 cargo planes to the region.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said last week that US special operations forces and other military units contributed to the creation of a safe haven for terrorists in Syria’s al-Tanf.

Speaking to the Russian TV news network Rossiya 24, Fomin suggested that Washington was using a zone it controls in western Syria as a cover for terrorists.

“We are concerned about the situation in the 55-kilometer [34-mile] security zone near the settlement of al-Tanf. It is located on the border with Iraq in Western Syria, where a reserve for terrorists has, in fact, been created, and where they are rearmed and prepared for relevant sallies,” he pointed out.

Fomin claimed that all this is done “under the leadership of the special operations forces and other units of the United States”.

In addition, he mentioned the current humanitarian crisis in the Rukban refugee camp in Western Syria on the outskirts of al-Tanf.

He ascribed this catastrophic humanitarian situation to the US military’s reluctance to allow humanitarian convoys to enter Rukban.

H/t reader Squodgy:

“They justy won’t give up will they?

The U.S. have been told their presence is not wanted by the U.N. and every country in the area but israel. They are there illegally and they know it.

I wonder what is really going on.”

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