“I’m So Proud Of Me”: 50 Cent Makes Millions From Album Sales In Bitcoin

“I’m So Proud Of Me”: 50 Cent Makes Millions From Album Sales In Bitcoin:

It’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin”, the Crypto edition.

Rapper and actor 50 Cent recently revealed that he made one of his best business decisions a few years back when he decided to accept payment in bitcoin for his new album, Animal Ambition, released in June 2014, back when a single coin was worth about $660.

50, i.e. Curtis James Jackson III, eventually amassed around 700 bitcoins from the album, totaling about $400,000 in sales during the time frame. That sum has since swelled to roughly $8 million (depending on what time of day one checks).

At the time he forgot about the virtual transactions only to be reminder this week when he took to Instagram on Tuesday to boast about the savvy business move, writing in a series of posts, “A little bit coin anyone ? LOL. l know l make you sick but excuse me I’m getting to the bag.”

He added, ‘Not Bad for a kid from South Side, I’m so proud of me.’

In response, some asked if the news makes 50 the first celebrity hodler.

The score is reminiscent of 50’s now-famous decision to sell his take in VitaminWater for $100 million when the company was bought by Coca-Cola.

The newly discovered wealth will come in handy. The unexpected windfall comes after the rapper filed for bankruptcy in Connecticut back in 2015 after being found liable in a lawsuit.

50 Cent isn’t the only celeb to express an interest, or profit from crypto, but while other rappers – like rival the Game – have focused on promoting sketchy ICOs, the “Get Rich or Die Tryin” star earned his crypto fortune the old fashioned way: by hodling.

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