At least 56,000 migrants including criminals and illegal immigrants on the run in Britain

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At least 56,000 migrants including criminals and illegal immigrants on the run in Britain:

AT LEAST 56,000 foreign nationals – including criminals and illegal migrants – are on the run in Britain.

Charlie Elphicke, Tory MP for Dover, said last night: “This report is of serious concern. We cannot have a situation where convicted criminals and illegal immigrants are free to roam the streets.“We need to act urgently to locate these people and bring them to book. Any foreign offenders found to have absconded should be booted out of Britain.”

The report will pile further pressure on Home Secretary Amber Rudd to pour more resources into the over-stretched Border Force budget.

Tony Smith, former head of UK Border Force, now a global security consultant, said: “This report makes disappointing reading. Enforced removals from the UK are extremely difficult to achieve, particularly when people won’t go voluntarily.“If we are serious about immigration enforcement we need to find more robust methods for removing barriers, get tougher with countries who don’t issue travel documents and invest in much better systems and processes for monitoring, tracking and removing offenders.”

The report by David Bolt, Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration, said at the end of last year there were nearly 56,000 “declared absconders” – meaning UK authorities did not know their whereabouts.

More than 700 foreign offenders gave the authorities the slip after being released.

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