Russia’s strategic bomber to remain unrivaled for decades: Russian general

Russia’s strategic bomber to remain unrivaled for decades: Russian general:

Russia’s upgraded Tupolev Tu-160M2 strategic bombers will remain unrivaled in terms of technology for the next 40 years, says Russian Colonel General Viktor Bondarev, who commanded the country’s air force until recently.

Speaking to Russia’s TASS news agency on Wednesday, Bondarev, who chairs the Federation Council Defense and Security Committee, said even the first generation of the Soviet-era aircraft could still hold its ground against similar Western designs.

“For example, the strategic Tu-160 missile carrier is still unrivaled in the world and so many technologies will be incorporated in it when its production is resumed that it will remain a super-new plane for another 40 years,” said the Aerospace Force ex-commander, who led the force for two years before resigning in September.

H/t reader Squodgy:

“When the USSR collapsed, courtesy of the U.S. funded Obama led Mujahideen, Reagan called for openness.
The US generals visited Moscow to see their Russian aviation opposition, only to discover the TU-160 swing wing “BLACKJACK” was capable of Mach 2.
Yet their own North American Rockwell swing wing B-1 Bomber failed to reach Mach 1.
British genius Barnes Wallis came up with the concept, which was successfully incorporated in such brilliant flying machines as the Grumman F-14 TOMCAT & the BAe Panavia TORNADO.

Now, it seems the U.S. will be trainling behind for 40 years.

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