AND NOW: Scientists plan to halt global warming by DIMMING the sun (, Oct. 25, 2017)


Scientists plan to halt global warming by DIMMING the sun:

SCIENTISTS have a drastic plan in place to cool the Earth and reduce the effects of global warming and it essentially involves DIMMING the sun.

Experts are considering ploughing sulphate aerosols into the upper atmosphere which would cause some of the suns rays to be reflected back out into space.This could potentially cool the Earth down and help counter the effects of climate change, scientists say.The move would also help reduce coral bleaching and help calm powerful storms.

James Crabbe, from the University of Bedfordshire, is leading the study and his initial results suggest the plan could help cool the planet.

He told New Scientist: “Corals are the rainforests of the sea, and if you lose them the impacts on ecosystems and people would be complex and far-reaching.“We show very convincingly that, by injecting sulphur dioxide in the atmosphere, sea surface temperatures would decrease significantly by 2069.”Mr Crabbe and his team ran computer simulations which showed that by pumping sulphate aerosols into the upper atmosphere, sea level temperatures would slowly stop rising, thus halting coral bleaching.

And the sulphate aerosols would also calm the regularity and intensity of storms.

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