SDF Plundering Refugees’ Properties, Preventing Medical Treatment in Northeastern Syria

SDF Plundering Refugees’ Properties, Preventing Medical Treatment in Northeastern Syria:

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are plundering the refugees’ possessions in a camp in Southern Hasaka, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on Tuesday, adding that the SDF has also blocked transfer of sick refugees to the regional medical centers.

The SOHR reported that the refugees are living in a very hard and boring condition in al-Saad camp near Lake al-Basel in Southern Hasaka established by Asayesh (the Kurdish Security Organization) forces and the SDF.

It added that the refugees face shortage of food as the camp’s staffs do not distribute food packages that are sent to the camp under the supervision of the Syrian Red Crescent, adding that the aid packages, however, are being sold in high prices by those who are managing the camp.

In the meantime, the SOHR added that the SDF has blocked exit of refugees from the camp for Hasaka city unless the refugees find a guarantor to sponsor them and pay $500 for each family.

The SOHR further said that 10 civilians, including 3 children, have lost their lives as the Asayesh forces prevented them from leaving the camp for Hasaka hospital to be treated there.

The SOHR’s reports said that the al-Saad camp’s refugees have staged demonstrations against the awful conditions in the camp, but have been dispersed by the SDF’s shooting in the air.

Reports said earlier today that several ISIL commanders gave up war and moved to SDF-controlled regions following a recent deal with the Syrian Democratic Forces and the US-led coalition over Eastern Deir Ezzur.

Local sources said on Tuesday that three ISIL commanders have left Southeastern Deir Ezzur for SDF-held regions along with their family members.

The sources further said that Mohammad Ahmad al-Sayed, a security commander of ISIL nom de guerre Hamadi Abu al-Mothana, field commander of ISIL Amir Ahmad al-Sayed and ISIL’s Mufti (religious leader) Ahmad al-Kamari nom de guerre Abu Abdullah have escaped towards the SDF-held regions along with their family members.

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