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I’ll try to post as many updates as possible and that is why (having not much time) I’ll mainly have to post just links today.

Update: I’ve nevertheless managed to post an enormous amount of updates.

The world really is going crazy.

(As happy as I am about every incoming donation, Infinite Unknown could really use some more support.)


Third donation in October…


Infinite Unknown reader D. W. donated $15.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!

Very much needed and appreciated.


Donations in October: $45, £25


Donations in September: $65, £25

Donations in August:  $45, £25

Donations in July: $45, £25

Donations in June: $50, £25

Donations in May: $70, £25

Donations in April: $115, £25

Donations in March: $15, £25

Donations in February: $65, £47

Donations in January: $15, £75


Donations in 2017: $530, £322


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