Earthquake Lights in Mexico (2 Videos)

Earthquake lights in Mexico – Two videos:

I talk about earthquake lights in Not by Fire but by Ice … and here they are.(See chapter 8, “Earthquake lights and Crazy Snakes.”)

Fox News reported that the quake, the strongest in a century, was accompanied by flashes of green and blue lights shooting throughout the night sky. According to an El Universal story, the lights are a naturally occurring electro-magnetic charge caused by the collapse of the rocks in the ground during the earthquake.

Uh huh. I mentioned that theory in Not by Fire but by Ice. I called it “rocks that go bump in the night.

But as I said,

“I think they’ve got it backwards. Saying that earthquakes cause electromagnetic disturbances is like saying that waterwheels make rivers flow.  Electromagnetic forces cause earthquakes, not the other way around.”

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