DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots

DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots:

In what is shaping up to be a contentious battle over privacy rights and free speech, the Department of Justice has formally requested that web hosting firm ‘DreamHost’ turn over 1.3 million IP addresses and other information to ‘unmask‘ visitors to the anti-Trump Antifa website ‘,’ as part of the investigation into crimes committed on and around January 20 by protesters.

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1 thought on “DOJ Demands 1.3 Million IP Addresses Of Visitors To Antifa Website Used To Coordinate Riots”

  1. Anar-fascists of Disrupt J20 are worse kind of scum, and they deserve the harshest possible punishment. They are The Problem, since they with the MSM ziomedia and with anti-people Congress, all servants of zionist oligarchs, CAUSED Trump to decline from his peaceful line into current state of Russophobia and escalation. Without the overall anti-Trump attitude of utter minority of most loud criers in the society, it could all be different now, with Trump rebuilding the nation and ceasing the overall attrocity of US regime worldwide, such as people wished and elected.

    Here is my definition or description of Antifa:
    “Antifa” is a code-word for ANAR-FASCISTS, fascistic anarchists, who work as mercenaries of global corporate fascist oligarchs like George Soros,
    who managed the masterstroke of buying the most revolutionary power in the population, the young leftist protesters,
    and instead of against oligarchs he turned them against The People,
    and thus he has destroyed the “left” of the Left…

    But then I ultimately understand the point: “First they came for ….. , but we were silent …“. This is a dangerous slippery slope. But on the other hand, does not NSA already have all these records? Surely they already do, but it cannot be used officially in the court…

    But here it cannot be said: “Despite I do not agree with what you are saying, I’ll defend your right to say it“.
    Right to SAY something is not a right for violent disruption. The anarfascists in Charlotteville most recently, armored with baseball bats and with automatic rifles(!) by far crossed the line of peaceful protests and they provoked and caused all the consequences, even if it was a false-flag (different driver and not a same car as registered, and Obama’s State department holdovers documenting it on the site).
    They will cause other problems every time, and they deserve the harshest consequences of all they do…
    (And by the timing of that request, I consider this to be a direct consequence of Charlotteville and leftists crying, that Trump dared to talk about violence of “both sides”, even while the leftist violence by far margin surpassed the Right people’s rather peaceful protest to protect The Heritage…)

    Then it surprises me, that there are 1.3 million of them, since they rather look like a few tens of thousands…
    Ochlocracy is not Democracy, and a mob of most loud criers must never influence or change national politics, even if it grows to such a large extent as a one whole percent of population.


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