Migrants visit Swedish family who sheltered them, one rapes their 14 y/o daughter. Man will not be deported. – #MigrantCrisis

Syrian migrants visit Swedish family who sheltered them, one rapes their 14 y/o daughter. Man will not be deported:

In the Swedish region of Västmanland, a woman lived in a house in a town, together with her children. Her house had previously been the home of a so-called ‘unaccompanied refugee child‘.

According to Västmanland District Court records, this former resident, accompanied by his brother and three other men aged 20 to 25, went back to his old house in November 2016, to greet the family which had sheltered him. They stayed two nights, after which the mother reported to the police that her 14-year-old daughter had been raped by one of them, a 25-year-old from Syria.

The rape took place in 14-year-old girl’s room. The man invited her to drink liquor, and as a result, the girl was more or less unconscious due to being intoxicated. She only has vague memories of the incident, but remembers appealing to the attacker to stop when he raped her.

The mother, sleeping at the time, was awoken by the girl’s sister, who banged on her bedroom door, alarmed about what was going on. At first, the mother refused to believe her, but then she saw that one of the refugees had written about it on Facebook. She went to the girl’s bedroom and heard “a slurping sound.” According to Court records, she thought one of the refugee children was “just having a snog” with her daughter.

“But then the door was opened, and the 25-year-old came strolling out of the room, which, according to the mother, smelled of  “both sweat and alcohol.” Inside was her daughter, naked, completely zoned out and unresponsive.”

When the man came down to the others, after having raped the girl, he urged the young man who had lived in the house as a child, to get up there and rape her again, “since it was best to fit in“, according to the verdict.

The 14-year-old girl has had to miss several months in school, being in a very bad shape after the event.

The Västmanland District Court has convicted the 25-year-old Syrian to two years and ten months in prison for raping a child. He was also ordered to pay SEK 115.000 (about €11965) in damages to the girl.

“The Syrian denies even having had sex with the girl. He explained away the DNA traces, in the form of sperm, that were found by saying that he “got excited” earlier in the day. He was sitting on the couch, when the girls had danced around in short shorts. He claimed he had rubbed on off against a pair of panties, in response this exitement. The District Court dismissed this explanation completely.”

The Public Prosecutor in the case, Frieda Gummesson, has not demanded the 25-year-old be deported.

That is because of certain circumstances in this case. There has been an opinion given by the Swedish Migration Board and on the basis of that opinion, the Public Prosecutor’s Office has argued that no claim of deportation can be made, and I fully agree. You simply cannot deport people to a place that will expel them, if they are deported there. If that is the case, we will not deport them.

The Swedish Migration Board, in its opinion, states that the 25-year-old came to Sweden from Syria during the Refugee Crisis in the autumn of 2015. He has been granted a temporary resident permit, valid until 23 December 2019. He has declared he has a wife and daughter in Iraq.

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