Pentagon Plans Massive Global War Game to Prepare for Russia and Other Threats

Pentagon Plans Massive Global War Game to Prepare for Russia and Other Threats:

(ANTIWAR.COM) — Continuing to envision the new Cold War with Russia both as a ticket for ongoing increases in military spending and a convenient way to coax regional allies into complicated alliances, the Pentagon is increasingly interested in building its war games across broad global conflicts, and in particular a war with Russia.

US war games used to be very regional, with one or no more than a handful of nations involved in very limited missions. In recent years, they’ve grown progressively in scope, and that’s no accident. Brig. Gen. John Healy, who coordinates exercises in Europe, says the US wants to prepare for more complex wars with broader goals. 

Brig. Gen. Healy said the goal was even broader, saying in the long run the US is working toward a single, globally integrated war game, so that all the exercises are on the same page, and part of the same global war game.

It’s going to be difficult to boil all the war games down into a single one, since different regions have different bogeymen. It would be difficult, for instance, to bring the annual US war games in South Korea, traditionally practice for attacking North Korea, into being somehow about Russia.

H/t reader squodgy:

“It seems the deep state are holding ALL the cards. The various theatres of war…Europe, Middle East, South East Asia have all been activated using American (NATO) military co-ordination and domination to coerce ‘friendly’ countries to join in.

Good news for the profit potential of the Military Industrial Complex…Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, General Electric, The Electric Boat Company & even poor little GM!”

During the coming (planned) “greatest revolution of all time” (Irlmaier) the troops will be called back home, but will not be able to restore order in the U.S.

It has been foreseen that around 75% of the people will die (not by Irlmaier, but by another seer).

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