Now ISIS collapses, Dutch ‘experts’ say Europe should welcome back ISIS fighters – they agree

Now IS collapses, Dutch ‘experts’ say Europe should welcome back IS fighters – they agree:

Now that ISIS is on a downslope, Dutch jihadi Victor D., together with other fighters, wants to return home to the Netherlands. But the humanity ISIS and other violent Islamist groups refused to show to their countless victims, they, of course, do want for themselves. Wanting a fair trial in The Netherlands, Victor is a prime example. In a letter to the courts, he wrote that he even wants to attend his trial.

In the letter, Victor, or Zakariyya al Hollandi as he is called in the Islamic theatre of war, wrote:

“In writing this, I do not try to prove my innocence. I want to show you that I am convinced that I fought for a noble and honest cause (…) I am suspected of being a member of a terrorist organisation. But that can only be established if we define the definition of the word terror. If we take the dictionary, for instance, a country like the USA should be defined as a terrorist state.”

Before he left for Syria, Victor was a mailman, he left because he wanted to live in an Islamic society under Sharia Law. He said himself he joined many terror groups, but not ISIS. Still, in pictures taken a year ago, Victor is seen with Dutch ISIS fighter Yilmaz, so it has to be seen if one can take his word for that.

Victor is still in Syria at the moment, and as said, he is not the only Jihadi who wants to return home. the Dutch courts are awaiting their return of ten more fighters, one of them being Marouane B., a Dutch rapper turned ISIS fighter. He escaped Syria via a human trafficker and also choose to return home when the going got tough. He too wrote a letter to court stating: “I chose with my full conscience to join ISIS (…) should I die during my escape, know that I did with a smile on my face.”

So, ISIS fighters are returning home to the West. In total, 40,000 foreign fighters from more than 110 countries have gone to Syria and Iraq, as reported by the Guardian. How many are ‘still alive’ remains to be seen, but some Dutch ‘experts’ know exactly what to do with them.

In an article by Dutch newspaper NRC, ‘experts’ said that now the end of ISIS is near, the Dutch have to do all they can to bring the jihadists home. Not every jihadi, of course, only the ones who are ‘sorry’.

Edwin Bakker, an academic teacher in counter-terrorism said:

“The Dutch claim they do a lot to keep its youth on the right track, but now they remain silent. Why don’t we try to get our lost sons back home? Why are we not sensitive anymore to our Christian values? The Netherlands should do something for those who lost the battle in their Caliphate, and they should be put to trial in the Netherlands.”

Also, safety expert Peter Wijninga of the The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies (HCSS) believes the Dutch should do more:

“The Netherlands should start informative campaigns via Facebook on how people can safely leave the war zones on their way back home.”

And yes, with ‘people’, he means ISIS fighters.

Dutch lawyer André Seebregts, who defends former ISIS members who are already in The Netherlands, does not agree with Bakker and Wijninga. But not in a way you might think. He said that during the trial of one of his defendants, it turned out that the Dutch police force already ‘chats’ with ISIS fighters, convincing them to come home to The Netherlands. Seebregts said: ”the Dutch do more than you think.”

ISIS carried out thousands of public executions, decapitations and crucifixions, released videos where they showed the decapitations and where they lit people on fire. They performed 90 global attacks in 21 countries, killing nearly 1400 people, and held approximately 3500 Yazidi women and children as slaves. Also, we would like to add a bonus tweet below from Dutch Middle-East correspondent who is now in Syria, reading:

“Almost all Syrians whom I speak to say the same thing, especially ISIS members from abroad were the cruellest, the most violent. They were total criminals and psychopaths.”

And now ‘our lost sons’ say they are sorry. Well, welcome home sons…

H/t reader kevin a.

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