Chainsaw-Wielding Attacker Wounds Five In Swiss Street Rampage

The Swiss, unlike the French, the Italians, the Brits and the Germans are able to fight back:

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World (Video)

Chainsaw-Wielding Attacker Wounds Five In Swiss Street Rampage:

A manhunt is underway for a chainsaw-wielding assailant who wounded five people, two seriously, in a violent attack on Monday in a small Swiss town that was put into lockdown.

Police said the attack was “not an act of terror” according to Reuters. Authorities said they had identified the attacker, but did not name him, describing him in a statement appealing for help from the public as bald, unkempt and around 190 cm (six feet three inches) tall, and is believed to be driving a white Volkswagen Caddy.

The attack happened inside an office building on a shopping street in the centre of Schaffhausen, a medieval town of 36,000 inhabitants on the German border, just after 10:30am local time. Police cordoned off the area and ordered people to leave, Swiss newspaper Blick said. Witnesses saw bleeding victims being treated by rescue crews, it reported.

Helicopter ambulances were on the scene.

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