Czech Election Favourite on Mass Migration: ‘We Have to Fight for What Our Ancestors Built Here’ – #MigrantCrisis, #Islam, #Muslims

Czech Election Favourite on Mass Migration: ‘We Have to Fight for What Our Ancestors Built Here’:

Andrej Babis, tipped to become the next Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, has backed the government’s decision to fight the European Union’s attempts to impose a compulsory migrant quota on the country.

“The biggest added value of the European Union is the national identity of each country,” said the Slovakia-born businessman, who was Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister as leader of the junior party in a coalition led by the Social Democrats until recently.

“We have to fight for what our ancestors built here. If there will be more Muslims than Belgians in Brussels, that’s their problem. I don’t want that here. They won’t be telling us who should live here.”

The bloc’s attempts to spread the migrant burden across Europe have met with fierce resistance in Central Europe, whose governments contend it is unfair for Brussels to expect they should pay the price for a migrant crisis encouraged by Germany despite their objections.

The Czech president, Milos Zeman, used his Christmas message in 2016 to say he was “profoundly convinced that we are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees”, and he has also warned that, “By accepting the migrants, we strongly facilitate Islamic State’s expansion to Europe.”

Zeman also proposed that Czech citizens – who enjoy unusually liberal gun rights, by European standards – arm themselves so they can be protected in the event of an Islamist attack, after cities across Western Europe were rocked by terrorism.

“I really think that citizens should arm themselves against terrorists. And I honestly admit that I changed my mind, because previously I was against [citizens] having too many weapons. After these attacks, I don’t think so [anymore],” he said.

Andrej Babis shares President Zeman’s strong Euroscepticism as well as his opposition to mass migration, with Bloomberg reporting that he also spoke out against the bloc’s single currency.

“No euro. I don’t want the euro. We don’t want the euro here,” he said. “Everybody knows it’s bankrupt. It’s about our sovereignty. I want the Czech koruna, and an independent central bank. I don’t want another issue that Brussels would be meddling with.”

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1 thought on “Czech Election Favourite on Mass Migration: ‘We Have to Fight for What Our Ancestors Built Here’ – #MigrantCrisis, #Islam, #Muslims”

  1. Andrej Babis is a gangster oligarch, and a terrible populist: he will promise anything, that will help him elected… In reality, he supports immigration of cheap work-force for his industries and agricultures…

    He bought for his huge money a perfect PR agency, his team is really professional…

    One of most rich men in our country, started his bussiness career by stealing Agrofert bussiness from his former Slovak employee by ante-dating stockholders meeting and increasing stock amount, thus forcing previous owner into minority, continued by renting money from state bank for buying a large petrochemical industry with pledge of the stocks, but managed to get the stocks into different company and empty eggshell company with astronomic debt went to bankruptcy, leaving him with large petro-chemical bussiness… Then managed to evade huge taxes by trading untaxed stocks between his companies in recent years. A career leading to being one of richest oligarchs in our small country, full of fiddles and frauds…

    Meanwhile as a minister of finances aiming at better tax collection from middle-class by electronic tax evidence (every shop must send online information about the trade and print government-server response code on the bill)…
    All this over-taxation of middle class while blocking taxation of banks and stock companies, which wanted the other part of the current government coalition, thus protecting the richest…

    The other man – Milos Zeman, is Czech Trump. He was elected by country people against huge media war, against Academy and “Prague cafe” artist clique. Against screaming of all Liberasts, he has good relations with both the West and the East, meeting Putin and Xi Jinping and also British queen, spending a lot of time travelling abroad with a good diplomacy and inland top regions to meeting with people, and is overwhelmingly popular. Zeman is really a wise old man. Formerly a Prognostic institute employee, then prime minister arround 2000.

    (But in our country, the President is just a honorary position, the executive power is on government supported by the parliament. President is just “talking”… Sometimes, the Right to Talk is a great achievement in a society, that blocks all dissenter’s voices in mass media…)

    Living on Czech countryside, I remember last year or even the previous I’ve seen a pair of niggers, probably tourists. There are no muslims here (probably some are at large cities? There also is one spa city near northern border where is a large community of rich muslims). There are some gypsies drinking and smoking out their brains in pubs, there are Vietnamese diligent retailers (probably some 5-10 families in the town), and 97% white people…
    And it’s overwhelmingly safe and calm place. There are no places 40 km arround me where I would not dare to go alone on midnight. Even the capital Prague is a pretty safe place, overall we are among 10 most safe countries in the world…

    About arms – there is 3% people with gun permits. In our village, the Hunter (woodman) has a long gun. It’s not much problem to get the permit, if you are sane and somehow healthy person, it requires doctor inspection and police permit… All men above 30 have been serving 2 (later 1) years in millitary service, unless they worked a civil service instead of it (as I did)… Only recently the mandatory 2 or 1 year millitary service has been abandoned, just when entering NATO…


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