Stunning Footage Of American’s Crumbling Infrastructure

Stunning Footage Of American’s Crumbling Infrastructure:

“I was given special access to a behind the scenes view of America’s crumbling infrastructure that the public is not allowed to see. The reasons you’re left out of the know is because it destroys the mainstream narrative that everything is awesome…”

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2 thoughts on “Stunning Footage Of American’s Crumbling Infrastructure”

  1. This is a direct consquence of capitalism.

    In Socialism, enterprises were owned by state, and were operated even if not much profitable. If they stopped to be operated, the state must have deconstruct it and rebuild something else on that spot – there were almost NO BROWNFIELDS in socialistic countries…

    In Capitalism – the private Investor pours his money into an enterprise and gains profits, which are privatised, but the costs of the industry operation are socialised – the education of workers, their retirement, the environment costs, the transport and medical infrastructure. Then, when the profits start to decline, the private Investor pours his money elsewhere, and an empty egg-shell of former industry stays with no money to pay for deconstruction of the facility. As we see in western “detective story” films, the West is full of various brown fields and abandoned factories or depots…

  2. Spending $700 billion on military purchases where is the money to spend on Infrastructure.
    On top of it, proposal to increase it to $1 trillion on military purchases is in discussion. Even God cannot save America.


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