Ransomware virus plagues 75k computers across 99 countries

Ransomware virus plagues 75k computers across 99 countries

H/t reader squodgy:

“Now, this is serious, and could be a ruse by Bankster/Deep State to destroy Bitcoin etc, over which they currently have no control.
The banksters have been increasingly frustrated that they are unable to get a proper footing on crypto-currencies, of which Bitcoin is by far the most popular.
Creating a virus aimed specifically to blackmail Bitcoin users is a clever ploy.
They have to shed their anonimity…..”

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4 thoughts on “Ransomware virus plagues 75k computers across 99 countries”

  1. This kind of security issue is truly alarming and that the authorities need to capture those responsible people for the safety of all involved individuals.

  2. Snowden weighs in, blaming NSA irresponsibility.

    I still maintain it is a deep state plot to bring Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin) to heel.

    Remember the Mossad, CIA, MI6 etc control all subversive Government activity in the West at the whim of the people who created and own israel….The Rothschild bankster family.

    Anything the NSA do is controlled eventually by the CIA who answer to MI6, Mossad & The Rothschilds.



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