Stephen Lendman: Israeli Occupation Viciousness: A Personal Story

Israeli Occupation Viciousness: A Personal Story:

By Stephen Lendman

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) explained the anguish of one of countless Palestinian victims.

Mohammad Allain is a lawyer, an East Jerusalem resident. He deals exclusively with Israeli house demolition issues. He’s now dealing with his own, victimized by Israeli collective punishment.

Recounting his story, he said “I am now talking as a father and not as a lawyer.” In October 2015, Israeli soldiers killed his son, Bahaa, claiming he attacked their ranks – the usual fabricated pretext to justify cold-blooded murder.

“I did not believe that my son would do that, and I wanted to see proof for the attack, but the Israelis did not provide me with any,” Mohammad explained.

“I also demanded to see my dead son’s body, but the Israeli police refused. They punished us parents in the worst possible way by leaving us in doubt about the whereabouts of our son for 10 months,” – finally releasing his remains in September 2016.

It gets worse. Ten days later, Mohammad was told his house would be demolished. His legal action to prevent it was rebuffed. He and seven family members became homeless – forced to sleep in a tent in winter.

“We are not allowed to rebuild (on his land), and the Israeli police regularly monitors that we don’t do so.”

“I had to rent an apartment for $1,200 per month, and I don’t feel at home in the new house. The Israelis took my son and they took my home with all the memories I kept in it,” he explained.

Neither he, his son or other family members ever committed a crime. They were treated viciously anyway.

He’s threatened with losing his Jerusalem ID. His wife lost hers, forced to live separately from Mohammad and other family members, prohibited from entering East Jerusalem.

“(W)e live in constant worry of being arrested for no reason. When the Israeli forces destroyed my home, they told me that they will make my life hell.

They are blaming my family for a crime my son did not commit and make us suffer for the rest of our lives,” Mohammad explained.

He’s one of countless Palestinians hounded, intimidated and persecuted by Israeli viciousness.

America and European countries support its high crimes, turning a blind eye to long-suffering Palestinians.

H/t reader squodgy:

“No change. Until israel reaps its Irmailian rewards there is no future for mankind.

Do we have to pray for divine intervention?”

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