France’s #Macron: Merkel’s Migrant Policy ‘Saved Our Dignity’, Labels Criticism ‘Disgusting’ – #MigrantCrisis

Maybe TPTB want Le Pen to win?

… or do the French really want a former Rothschild investment banker and Bilderberg attendee as next President?

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Meet Emmanuel Macron: The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation

I’ve said before:

Like the Americans, the French have no choice.

Like Wilders, Marine Le Pen is a Rothschild puppet.

And the Rothschilds are the ones who are behind Europe’s engineered migrant crisis.

Roger Auque’s daughter is Marion Maréchal Le Pen, niece of (Zionist) Marine Le Pen.

Roger Auque has been a Mossad agent.

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Predicted around 1950!!!

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“The large city with the high iron tower is on fire. But this has been done by the own people, not by those, which came from the east. And I can exactly see that the city is made equal to the ground. And in Italy it is going wildly too. They kill many people there and the Pope flees, but many clergymen will be killed, many churches collapse. ”

And guess when they will be rioting the most, when Le Pen wins or Macron?

Those atheistic Marxists rioting after yesterday’s #FrenchElectionResults will be the same group partaking in France’s pre-#WW3 revolution

We’ll see, who will win.

Personally, I would leave Paris no matter who will win the election.

‘Eyes to see’ …

French left-socialist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron has said German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-door mass migration policy has “saved our collective dignity,” and warned that criticism of Merkel was a “disgusting simplification.”

Macron affirmed that even after the Islamic State attack in Berlin, committed by Tunisian migrant Anis Amri, he supports the migrant policy of Chancellor Merkel.

Expressing his admiration for Germany, he told German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, “Chancellor Merkel and the whole of German society were at the same level of our [French] common values. They saved our collective dignity, by accepting, accommodating, and educating distressed refugees.”

The former economy minister, who announced his presidential candidacy in mid-December, added it was a “disgusting simplification” when Merkel was accused of surrendering her own capital and the whole of Europe with the admission of over one million migrants from the Middle East and Africa.

In response to questions of securing the continent against terrorism, Macron called for more European Union (EU) integration, including an expansion of the European Border Agency. He said EU nations “also need to overcome national unwillingness and create a joint intelligence system.”

Macron is deemed the election’s “third man” behind the Republicans’ François Fillon and Front National’s Marine Le Pen. The former Socialist Party member and protégé of François Hollande claimed he is “neither on the left nor on the right” and that his policies are a “progressive” appeal to voters who want France to be “open” and pro-European.

In October, Macron had said he believed France, after over a year of deadly terror attacks including in Nice and Paris, had disproportionately ‘targeted’ Muslims and suggested the country should be less stringent in applying its rules on secularism.

Macron’s comments come following the New Year’s addresses of French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel, whose countries’ citizenries are set to go to the polls this year.

Merkel, who is running for a fourth term as chancellor, defended her migrant policy, telling the German people that Germany will fight the “hatred” of terrorism with “humanity” and “unity.”

Hollande denounced nationalism in his address, his comments roundly criticised by presidential candidate Le Pen who stated that after the populist victories of Trump and Brexit, the French share the worldwide “aspiration for independence” in the fight against globalism.


Eyes to see …

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6 thoughts on “France’s #Macron: Merkel’s Migrant Policy ‘Saved Our Dignity’, Labels Criticism ‘Disgusting’ – #MigrantCrisis”

  1. Your (and their) attempt to STEAL OUR HANDS is disgusting.

    That gesture “OK” what you show with Le Pen (and have shown similarly more times in past) means CONCENTRATION. It is a gesture of “PRECISE”. There is no satanic meaning in it.

    In our small republic, everyone knows, it means “OK”. There is a tv show for normies “Ohnivy Kure” (search for it) with some banal kitchen cook show, but with initials OK and with this hand-sign as a logo… The meaning is culturally dependent.

    But best evidence – please search for images “Buddha OK”. Buddha statues use this sign often. Buddha precedes Apocalypse by 6 centuries, but precedes indic (arabic) numerals by a millenia ! This gesture is recomended ( ! ) as a gesture of concentration. There was absolutelly nothing like modern “6” in it, not one and not three…

    But modern (unholywood) jews of 21st (possibly 20th?) century want to STEAL our HANDS and to give the concentration gesture some bad satanic meaning and prevent us from using gestures, that help us and our listeners to concetrate.

    And you, by pushing that propaganda, that this gesture always means anything else than “please concentrate” or “precisely”, are helping them steal our hands and concentration…

    Also – winking one eye is a friendship and fun gesture… You cannot steal our eyes and friendship for your NWO agenda…

    Then about french politics – Le Pen is not a Rothschild puppet. You see R’s puppets everywhere, because (((they))) want you to percieve them as omnipotent, as more powerful than they really are, because then you dare not fight them, where they really are based…

    Macron is french Clinton, that one who the “Elites” and their “Media” want, a weak man who will be a good servant or Bruselles, Berlin and Globalists. (Which is also a reason, why they usually push weak women with naturally submissive role into leading positions. Weak leader is a best choice for those, who pull the strings from behind…)

    Letting you believe, that the “wrong ones” want Le Pen instead of him or either one equally is part of their tactics…

    And Irlmaier became insane at end of war, his prophecies are clearly wrong – he could only see, what was nearby beside him. His omission of the most rogue ones, USA and Israel, which were not that much visible from Germany of his time, shows, that the prophecies are plain wrong… Nowadays ring (fighting place) is not central Europe anymore, today’s ring is much more global.

    (But some prophecies are self-effecting, causing that what they seem to predict. Since some insane but powerful man or group will start to accomplish that, what was predicted, just because he reads about the prediction and his paranoid mind likes it… (Like 1984, for ex. Some prophecies are turned into a blueprint…) Therefore, wrong but evil prophecies are dangerous and evil, meanwhile at least potentially.)

    • @P.A.Semi,

      Did you not say the same about Trump (that he is not a Rothschild puppet)? Can you see it now???

      Are you pissed off with me?

      “Your (and their) attempt to STEAL OUR HANDS is disgusting.”

      I am stealing nobody’s hand. I make you aware that there is no choice, as TPTB control both sides.

      “Emmanuel Macron & Marine Le Pen Are Establishment To The Core. The French Have No Real Choice.” (Video)

      I know that where the index finger is supposed to touch the thumb, there is the zone of the pituitary gland.

      And yes, I am aware that this is one of the main reasons why this mudra is used.

      Indeed, it is helping with concentration and opening up of the brain’s potential.

      “You are there, where your consciousness is.”

      “The energy follows the mind.”

      I also know that the energy is like a tree and you have to decide, whether you use it for good or evil.

      “You shall know them by their fruits.”

      For those bastards this sign really means 666 and that is how they abuse its power.

      They abuse everything.

      They also do the same thing with many other symbols, as you surely know, but that doesn’t change that it means 666 to them.

      And it is certainly NOT my NWO agenda.

      So far, step by step, everything Irlmaier said has come to pass, and he is NOT the only one who foresaw this. There are many seers, who clearly saw this and back then there was no internet.

      They did not know each other.

      Some prophecies are hundreds of years old and they are coming to pass right now.

      We will have a financial/economic collapse and hyperinflation, as predicted by Irlmaier and others.

      He predicted also that the currency that will come after WW2 will be a good one (the Deutsche Mark), but that which will follow it (the Euro) to fail and be a disaster.

      Irlmaier predicted also civil war in France and which candidate will be the best for that goal?

      Irlmaier’s prophecies are certainly not used as predictive programming. And why are they not completely translated?

      Many years ago I believed that we have managed to get on another timeline and that all those prophecies are obsolete. NOT anymore.

      Yes, Macron is Killary Rotten Clinton and Le Pen is Donald Trump.

      So who will win?

      The candidate that suits TPTB best and is the candidate to divide the people and will help the most to create the predicted civil war.

      That is my opinion.

      Marine Le Pen will probably win as it seems the same playbook as with Clinton-Trump is used.

      Talk is cheap. Just look at Trump and his promises or Obama and his promises.

      I have called out both as elite puppets BEFORE their election.

      Now the alternative media is doing the same and goes against Trump, when it is too late and it has become too bloody obvious.

      I would never vote for Macron. NEVER. And I certainly have helped indirectly making a case for Le Pen, …

      France’s #Macron: Merkel’s Migrant Policy ‘Saved Our Dignity’, Labels Criticism ‘Disgusting’ – #MigrantCrisis

      … by exposing this bloody bastard for what he is.

      If this site would be about making money, for example, then I certainly would take sides and would not expose all of these bastards as elite puppets, because who is now left to support I.U.?

      Which is, by the way, exactly the situation I find myself into.

      So I am either completely stupid or honest. (… or maybe both. LOL!)

      The people need somebody to look up to and they cannot fathom that the game is totally rigged, which is why they fail.

      My intent is pure and I may be wrong.

      In fact, I hope I am wrong, as I’ve already said before.

      We’ll see.

      All the best.


  2. Here in your picture of Trump, he is explaining something and gesticulating, he is not signaling 666…
    You may argue, why people are electing usually some strong rhetorician who supports his rants with gesticulation – probably because it works and more convinces listeners… Why are they not electing someone, who hides his hands below table while talking calmly and soberly, to not be accused of apocalyptic “signaling” ? (According to you, he may not show a single finger gesture, he may not cross hands, he may not show concentration mudra, he may not wink eyes, he may not… Would you be most content with a statue, who makes no gestures at all?)

    Civil war in France is not hard to predict, there have been many ones historically and some will probably yet come.

    Le Pen – I’ve seen some of her talks, is one of those, who dare to openly say unpleasant truths about EU, and talk about right things to do… Also Trump was elected, because he was saying unpleasant truths about establishment, but it just showed, that the establishment is stronger than any single elected man and that they will contain him, he cannot sweep them out… (I still so far see one openly wrong thing about Trump, which is strike on Syria. A seeming strike, still just a gesture to stir the waters, expose warmongers and divert attention somewhere else… A real strike would look differently. Other faults are just inability to overcome establishment…)

    Again – Irlmaier omitting of USA and Israel or China shows, that the prophecies are just shortsighted inspired about what he could see arround himself at that time…

    • To P.A.Semi,

      Irlmaier predicted for the US the greatest revolution of all time.

      He met with the sister of General Lucius D. Clay. He described her house in the US in great detail, without ever having been to the US.

      He told her about several occurrences in her life.

      She wanted him to come and live in the US, where he could earn a lot of money with his abilities. He declined.

      General Clay invited him to meet him in Frankfurt. He declined.

      Also ambassador Murphy, who was a political adviser to General Clay, visited Irlmaier to get his advice.

      Irlmaier predicted civil war in many countries. He also predicted that the French people will burn Paris to the ground just before WW3.

      He also predicted the migrant crisis and on and on and on.

      And why should he talk about Israel (getting totally destroyed), when Germany was still occupied territory?

      Obviously he wasn’t nuts!!!

      And a lot of what he said in private never reached the populace.

      Other seers did talk about Israel. It and the whole of Palestine will be completely destroyed during WW3.

      Irlmaier foresaw a lot about your home country, as I’ve said before.

      If you see civil war in France, Germany and Italy break out, then you might consider to leave.

      I will not talk about about masonic handshakes and Illuminati signs with you anymore.

      Trump fired $60 Million at that Syrian airfield and didn’t even cause real damage, because Syrian jets could start immediately thereafter.

      Probably just a coincidence that that strike to the day came 100 years after the US entered into WW1.

      And if that is the only thing wrong you are able to see with Trump, then I don’t know what to say.

      Trump is establishment. He is the swamp and filled it with crocodiles.

      But he probably loaded his administration with Goldman Sachs, Zionists, Neocons, CFR members and all those globalists to be able to watch them more closely.

      Bibi is his good friend, ‘Likud’ Pence the vice president and Trump got hundreds of billions of dollars as a gift from none other than Soros …

      … and Jared got a nice credit from Soros …


      And by the way, Jared Kushner’s skyscraper is at 666 Fifth Avenue.

      All the best.


      Is he concentrating on where to get some more innocent children?

      And a more hidden one …

      Police Report: The Beatles Visited Paedophile Brothel With Jimmy Savile (UK’s Worst Pedo With 450 Confirmed Victims)

      • To P.A.Semi,

        You’ve said before that I overestimate the influence of the Freemasons (and the Rothschilds).

        I have photos of masonic handshakes from former and actual leaders of the US, Russia, China, Israel, India, the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, the Vatican, Iran, even Palestine and more.

        How is that NOT influential?????


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