US Science Teachers say trash books and watch Leo instead

US Science Teachers say trash books and watch Leo instead:

The Heartland Institute sent a round of 25,000 books to science teachers across the US. Knowing Heartland, the book Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming is loaded with dangerous material — peer reviewed references, graphs with both axes, stuff like that.  Because it will have been checked, cross checked and subjected to twenty years of non-stop criticism  it will be packed with facts. And that’s why the Climate Religion is so terribly, awfully scared of it.

The NSTC took the extraordinary step of writing to teachers and naming all the errors they could find, which was none. In lieu of that, they said it was false information anyway because, hey,  they could still spell both words.

NSTC warns of an unprecedented attack:

David L. Evans (no relation) sets out his best three reasons:

“First, scientists don’t disagree about climate change or its causes,”

“Second, labeling propaganda as science does not make it so.

  • Exactly, just what I was thinking. How long before science teachers realize that the people who are afraid to read books are the ones pushing the propaganda?

Third, science teachers are the critical bastion in the war against reason. And the special interests know it.”

  • So true. And the special interests marched right through education 30 years ago. How many science teachers know the scientific method? Aristotelian reasoning?
    • Well some still do, and they’ll find the book an excellent resource.

Right now, the NSTC needs to hear from people who do know what the scientific method is, and who can explain how empirical evidence does not come from a climate model.

Inside Climate News found Brandie Freeman, an environmental science and chemistry teacher who won a National Science Teachers Association STEM award. So apparently the best of the best. So what did she do when she was given a free science book that disagreed with the dogma?  She was insulted.

“We’re not novices,” Freeman said. “We’re science teachers, this is what we do for a living.”

…call her professionally insulted then.

Freeman, did, at least read the book, to her credit. Though perhaps because she was never taught how to reason, she fights back with argument from authority and ad hom attacks, thinking that mentioning ISIS, The Koch brothers, and Exxon tells us something about the atmosphere.

And her best advice for learning climate science? Watch Leonardo DiCaprio:

“To help my students visually understand the global urgency of this issue, I utilize the documentary Before the Flood in my climate unit. “

She advises people not to burn the book because that will cause global climate change. At least she is not a hypocrite.

Heartland replies to attacks claiming the climate book is funded by the Koch’s. (It wasn’t)

I think someone needs to mark these teachers and the NSTC for logic and reason and send them their scorecard…

Congrats to the brilliant Craig Isdo, Fred Singer and posthumously, Bob Carter for putting this book together.

Many textbooks place total reliance,
On consensus I.P.C.C. ‘science’,
Which can easily hoodwink,
Those who teach but can’t think,
By their methods of abject compliance.


H/t reader kevin a.

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