Models suggest unusually significant cold outbreak in Europe … Could Hurt Crops

Models suggest unusually significant cold outbreak in Europe:

Both GFS and ECMWF models are suggesting Europe will be hit by two unusually significant cold outbreaks for this time of year starting next week. If this happens, below freezing temperatures would result in a lot of damage to agriculture and push the storm season ahead toward May.

Over the next 10 days, two significant cold blasts are expected to push into east-central Europe. The blast is expected to be accompanied by much-needed rainfall along the main frontal zones, but some severe weather will be likely too, according to Severe Weather Europe.

“However, more important is the significant danger of frost in the days after the cold advection as nature is fully blossoming lately and temperatures below zero will have an effect on agriculture,” they said.

In addition, the blast would also push the storm season ahead toward May as such an amount of cold airmass would “flush away” the warm air mass and moisture for quite some time.

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