Your Children Are Being Programmed (Video)


Swat team Lego. Cashless monopoly. Barbie’s new credit card. If I didn’t know better, I’d say that the social engineers figured out long ago that the best time to condition the public is when they’re young and impressionable. But nahhhhh, that’s probably just a load of rich, creamery butter. (And knowing is half the battle!)

H/t reader squodgy:

“Subliminal messages to kids have always been a worry, which became really serious with the introduction of XBox & Playstation.
It can only get worse if mere 4-6 year olds are being weened on “Police State’.”

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1 thought on “Your Children Are Being Programmed (Video)”

  1. Just caught my eight year old grandson playing “Smash Dude” on his tablet.
    Watched it & was fascinated how it was encouraging cold insensitivity at peppering a hanging/restrained/swinging voodoo doll with paint bullets.
    The only sound was the bullets as they hit the doll.

    Weird and uncomfortable.


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