2 thoughts on “Fukushima Is Now Labeled an Extinction Level Event (Video)”

  1. Selective hearing is an accusation levelled at me by my wife.

    I think Michael Snyder might be guilty of the same here with his article about extinctions.

    The Zionist movement have been found to be “involved” at the least, and “responsible” at worst for many events, not least Fukushima, as clearly explained by Jim Stone and others.

    To report such without following through is classic “Zionist guilt syndrome” propaganda, akin to the holohoax.


  2. It does seem we, as an “educated” race, have ignored all native cultures, and proceeded to destroy our environment, especially in the pursuance of wealth, at all costs, including the livelihoods of our co-inhabitants we choose to ignore.

    Chernobyl & Fukushima plus Corporate exploitation of world assets over 100 years e.g. Texaco in Ecuador etc with no regard for environmental impact are costs they never considered. They should do now.
    Those costs are now coming home to roost…..



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