Muslim gang-rapists in court: “Women should listen, they should not complain”

Muslim gang-rapists in court: “Women should listen, they should not complain”:

Several young gang-rapists started laughing in a Belgian court while yelling:

“women should not complain, they should listen to men.”

The seven ‘men’ were seen in a video where they are standing around an unconscious girl who is lying on a bed, then seen pulling down her pants and raping her. Also in the video, they are dancing around the victim and singing songs in Arabic.

The gang of perpetrators, aged 14 (!) to 25, consist of five Iraqi nationals, and two who hold Belgian citizenship. At least two of them are currently in their asylum procedure. When asked, one of them said: “the girl asked us to grab her”. This is extremely unlikely, since she is seen on the video hardly moving at all. This monstrous event happened last November and was discovered by a schoolteacher in Oostende (Belgium) last week. One of the boys, who is only 14 years old, was showing off pictures of himself on his mobile phone wearing an army uniform and sporting an automatic rifle. The teacher informed the police, who confiscated the phone, and later found the gang-rape video.

The mayor of Oostende, Socialist Party heavyweight Johan Vande Lanotte, responded strongly to the crime:

“It is clear that some newcomers have problematic beliefs. When they have completed their sentences, they must leave the country.”

One can only agree with Vande Lanotte, for these people do not belong in Europe, but one should not underestimate the number of problematic “some newcomers” he is talking about.

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