California’s Tallest Dam Overtopping, Spillway Fails from Sinkhole Damage, Possible Evacuation (Video)


The Oroville Dam in California finds itself in a situation with the only way to avert an over top of the dam is using an untested emergency spill way built in the 1960’s as the regular spillway was damaged by a sinkhole and has stopped drainage of the lake. Evacuations are not issued yet, but with more rain on the way this dam will over top into the emergency earth 1960’s drain way. Good Luck to all of you. You may need to evacuate, Please prepare in Advance.

Damage to Dam’s Spillway Worsens as Officials Consider Emergency Measures at 96%-Full Lake Oroville…
State data as of Feb. 9, 2017, shows Lake Oroville at 96 percent capacity. (Credit: California Department of Water Resources)…

Folsom Lake Opens Flood Gates | Lake Oroville Rises 20 Feet In Five Days…
Officials Declare ‘State Of Emergency’ For Teton Village (Jackson Hole)……

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