Putin Says Ready To Meet Trump In Melania’s Native Country

Putin Says Ready To Meet Trump In Melania’s Native Country:

Vladimir Putin thanked Slovenia – the country where Melania Trump was born and raised – on Friday for offering to host his first meeting with President Donald Trump, saying he is ready to meet his American counterpart, however added that the prospect of such a meeting hinges on Washington.

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2 thoughts on “Putin Says Ready To Meet Trump In Melania’s Native Country”

  1. This is out of topic and highly urgent.

    If you live in Sacramento, Berkeley or San Francisco or probably whole California Great valley, consider taking weekend at mountains, or better a week in mountains…

    Oroville dam is said by some to probably fail as snow water comes in, very probably as soon as tomorow noon, and that is 4.3 cube km of water, depending how strong it may be, there may even be a tsunami-like wave many meters high… If released too fast, it may even trigger San Andreas ???

    And need to say, that SF and Berkeley would deserve leveling, more so if it is a guilt of their “”Democrats”” in government…


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