40 percent of Turkish-Dutch electorate will vote Dutch immigrant party ‘DENK’

40 percent of Turkish-Dutch electorate will vote Dutch immigrant party ‘DENK’:

The Dutch Opiniehuis conducted a study among 1.792 Dutch citizens from a Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese or Antillean background. They were asked which party they would vote for in the upcoming Dutch elections of March 15th.

DENK, the party led by Dutch Turks Tunahan Kuzu en Selçuk Öztürk (both former Labour), came out on top.

For decades foreigners loyally voted for the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), but they feel Labour has done nothing for them.

And with Labour openly criticising the actions of president Erdogan and his followers, the Turkish-Dutch electorate will probably defect to the Erdogan-fanboys of DENK. According to the polls, 40 percent of the 300.000 Turkish-Dutch electorate will vote for DENK, only 17 percent will remain with Labour. Of the Moroccan-Dutch electorate, 34 percent said to vote for DENK. In 2012, 43 percent of these ‘new Dutch’ still voted for Labour, it seems those days are gone.

March 15 is the first time DENK will join the Dutch elections. The party was launched in January 2015 and believes immigrants should not have to integrate into their new society, believes women should be stimulated to be a stay-at-home-mother, fully denies the Armenian genocide, is an open supporter of Erdogan, shamed the Moroccan-Dutch Speaker for having ballots during the Ramadan, supported actions by Turkish-Dutch citizens to give the names and addresses of Dutch Gülen supporters to the Turkish government, and so on.

Basically, it is an anti-Western party that embodies the fear of Dutch citizens ever since mass-immigration into Dutch society started.

Opiniehuis researcher Aziz el Kaddouri says:

“Where the PVV (Geert Wilders) is the party of the ‘angry white man’, DENK is the party for the ‘angry brown man” “the potential DENK voters are young, highly educated and entrepreneurial (…) they believe integration in the Netherlands has failed them (…) and DENK speaks their language.”

And that they do. After the coup attempt, DENK was present in Rotterdam while the youth came out and filled the squares yelling ‘Allah is Great’ and expressed their obsessive loyalty to Erdogan:

“Turkey is being attacked by foreigners because we are too good and too strong (…) Not only Turks but also Moroccan brothers are here united (…) Allah will protect Turkey (..) Muslims need to be one, we are all created by the one God Allah because if we are one, nobody can defeat us.”

The ‘new Dutch’ electorate accounts for approximately 7 of the 150 parliament seats.

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