US: Snow Causes Catastrophic Loss To Onion Crop With As Much As $100 Million In Damages

Snow causes catastrophic loss to onion crop:

As much as $100 million in damages after dozens of onion storage sheds and facilities collapse during the harshest winter in memory.

27 Jan 2017 – The buildings collapsed under the weight of up to 40 inches of snow that buried Idaho and Eastern Oregon,” says this article on

“It’s an absolute catastrophe,” said Shay Myers, general manager of Owyhee Produce in Nyssa. Three of the company’s storage sheds and the building housing one of its packing lines collapsed.

An estimated 150 farm- and non-farm-related buildings have been destroyed along with millions upon millions of pounds of onions.  That’s because once the onions are exposed to the cold and freeze, they are no good.

“I’ve personally seen at least 40 collapsed buildings, probably more,” said state Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Ontario. “It really looks like they were hit by a bomb. It’s really shocking.”

The prices shippers receive for their onions has risen dramatically. A 50-pound bag of yellow jumbo onions that sold for around $3.50 before the collapses now sells for nearly $10.

I keep on imploring you; stock up on food while you still  can.

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