California snowpack near 200 percent of average

California snowpack near 200 percent of average:

How much more snow will this new storm dump on the state?

The Los Angeles Times ran a story today warning that the biggest storm in years is about to hammer California. The article concentrates mainly on heavy rainfall, mudslides and flooding.

I kept waiting for any mention of snow, and finally, in the 16th paragraph down, it did just that.

“The storm is expected to hit the Sierra Nevada (mountains) hard,” the story said. “The weather service warned of “crippling snow amounts on top of existing snow cover” and urged residents to stock up on food, water and firewood, and “essentially prepare for being stranded at home for multiple days.”

It also warned that the heavy snowfall could bring multiple-day power outages, roof failures and avalanches.

The story ends with the admission that “The storms have built up the snowpack for the whole Sierra Nevada, with the southern third of the range at nearly 200% of average for this time of year.”

See entire article:

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