Paul Golding Targetted. British Luton Police, Permit Racist Muslim ‘JUST EAT’ Rape, Drug Gangs fgm. (Video)

Dec 24, 2016

What stupid Clot started calling them Groomers instead of Muslim Pedo’s anyway?. My Father told me all about Islam 40 Years ago, and he was 100% correct. My Veteran Grandfather and Father must be rolling in their Graves.All Muslims are at this, not just Pakistani’s. I have seen Iraqi Turkish Kurdish and Libyans All doing this. Look at how they setup Patriots Tommy Robinson and now Paul Golding for Violence or Murder in Muslim controlled-Dominated Jail Wings.
Their Crimes? daring to show us the Gross Crimes of Savage Islam Muhammad Raped boys girls and beheaded many innocent Jew and Christian boys with his own Sword.(Yes It’s in their Quran!).
, and show their faces in Muslim Ghettos like Luton or Cardiff.
Google Charlene Downes how Muslims killed her and fed at least One Body to Blackpool Customers. My Ancient & respected Union Jack flag should be seen on all streets, including North London Streets. Luton Rotherham Rochdale ALL Ruined by Islamic slimeballs. .
I personally think since the State- Police cannot protect our 10-16 year old sweet girls, then it’s time to tackle this Scum any way we need to.
What most all Muslim Kebab & Taxi men do ALL over UK.…

H/t reader kevin a.

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