David Icke: Exposes Several Jewish Secrets – “The Most Cruel Hoax History Has Ever Perpetrated” (Video)


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3 thoughts on “David Icke: Exposes Several Jewish Secrets – “The Most Cruel Hoax History Has Ever Perpetrated” (Video)”

  1. Inverted world:
    (((They))) very often use anti-labels, smear something with exactly opposite of actual content. Very many people eat the bait, though…

    > When “Liberal” means limiting “freedom” of speech because of feelings, because telling “Truth” is “Hate speech” (Truth sounds like Hate to those, who Hate Truth…)
    > When “Democrat” means forged primaries and not accepting election results if defeated.
    > When “Equality” means Privilege and “Privilege” means equal treatment
    > When “Diversity” means destroying diversity by mixing, which Diversity should instead mean “Difference” which should be preserved by isolation and exclusivity
    > When “Planned parenthood” is about destroying child and excluding parenthood.
    > When “Left-wing” candidate is paid by banksters and sheiks to fulfil their goals, but “Right-wing” candidate is supported by rust-belt workers and farmers with a national socialist program…
    > When woman-loving Trump and man-hating sexist and racist Clinton are smeared and labeled with just opposite of what they represent.
    > When “Feminism” and “Woman rights” actually destroys natural “woman role” and removes from women their femininity… (and beside being most pushed by jewish intellectuals, also most support by rather ugly women…)

    > When “Aggressor” means Peacemaker and an actual Aggressor is pretended to be innocent victim…
    > Thief calls “Catch the Thief”

    Remarks about the video:

    Genetic origin or jews:
    Their traces can be found in Palestina – because Khazars are turkic tribe, and Osman empire brought a lot of turks into Palestina and middle east…
    And yes, Ashkenazi are more genetically connected to lands above Caucasus mountains…

    Remark: Khazaria is today Ukraine… This is the land of Magog.
    Ukrainians are and always were weird…
    (for ex. Brezhnev and Chrushchev were ukrainian jews… That, what was most bad on USSR, was of Ukrainian and jewish origin, not Russian…)

    Kagan – king of Khazaria ?
    Instead “Kohen” (Cohen) is “priest” in hebrew, but Russian (or Ukrainian) language does not have “h”, so it is “g”…

    Remark: Actual anti-Semitism is being anti-Palestinian (anti-Arabic)…

    Remark: why Israel scholars or media do not mention Khazaria?
    Because “khazeer” means “swine,hog” in hebrew (H2386 in Strong’s dictionary).
    It’s a sever offence for them to originate from “swine land”, specially if “pork” is forbidden and menial …

    Really, Zionists were behind Holocaust to convince european jewry to move to Israel, who were initially reluctant.

    Balfour declaration was a letter from Balfour to Rothschild? I didn’t know that previously…
    What he (D.Icke) does not mention is, that USA engaged in WWI only due to the promise (to american zionists) of establishing Israel in Palestine in exchange…
    http://krisenfrei.de/ein-insider-warnt-amerika/ (in german, with links to czech translations)
    http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/12/19/turkish-intel-shoots-russian-ambassador-in-ankara-in-erdogan-false-flag-ploy/ — remark of user Kevin Barrett in comments…
    Nov 2nd is also an occult date…

    Mentioning american bankers supporting Hitler…
    Specifically Samuel Prescot Bush (father of GHWB) and brothers Dulles (first CIA director) were engaged in this… (Their fortunes were confiscated due to this, but then returned after WWII…)
    Also – Hitler was Rothschild descendant (and thereby a jew) – search “Schicklgruber Rothschild”…

    I’ll not much comment on country of Israel wrongdoing…

    Just to note, that their reluctance to negotiate with Palestinian government, because it should be a “terrorist organization” is preciselly the Inverted World topic.
    The world’s worst (false-flag) terrorists (ie.Israel) don’t negotiate with victim’s elected government, because they claim it is a “terrorist organization” …

    Why Israel should be worst false-flag terrorists?
    > 9-11 speaks by itself, it was CIA+Mossad job. ( http://www.bollyn.com/the-zionist-criminal-network/ , https://wikispooks.com/wiki/9-11/Israel_did_it )
    > Boston bombing was ultimatelly not done by Tsarnaev brothers, instead Blackwater operative has been holding the bag that exploded. Kennedy archive burning coverup…
    > San Bernardino was ultimatelly not done by that poor muslim family, who was not named Tashfeen Malik, but Mrs. Farook… (their names were actually a message code in some semitic language… Mrs. Farook ID card was visible in the news-shark presstitute raid of their home… “Tashfeen” means to “abrade,scrape”. “Malik” are several persons…)
    > Brusseles bombing on occult-significant date.
    > Paris attack in ex-jewish-owned club Bataclan, done by (((someone))), who later disappeared just to pretend they exploded themselves…
    > All truck attacks by men, that disappeared from the place, just to impose the guilt to some known “asset” patsy…
    > there are many more… (operation Gladio, Gladio B, …)

    Hamas – this is an excellent example of media deception.
    Israelis pronounce it “Khamas”, which means “rage” and “violence” in hebrew.
    It actually should be “Hamas”, which means “enthusiasm” in arabic and “rejection” in hebrew.
    But to get jewish public support (80% support for bombing Gaza), they pronounce it “violent rage” to get easier public support than if they fought a mere “rejection”… Won’t you support conquering “violent rage” too?

    About Israel country in middle east.
    It is not, what is Bible about. Bible is about “Kingdom of God” (which means Israel), which is Christianity, and it is a state (condition) that will once be all over the world.
    It may be necessary to deport all jewish liars somewhere first, and the desert Israel in Palestina may be a good choice for that…??
    Maybe it’s establishment will become useful some day…?

    • To P.A.Semi,

      Thanks for commenting.

      Maybe you’ll find this to be interesting.

      The Rothschilds, who are the founders of Israel, have planned to totally destroy it during WW3..

      Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild

      … known as the “Father of the (Jewish) Settlement” (Avi ha-Yishuv) …

      Baron Edmond Benjamin James de Rothschild

      Baron Edmond de Rothschild-2

      … looks exactly like the architect of the matrix, doesnt’ he?


      “You are here, because ZION (Israel) is about to be destroyed.

      Its every living inhabitant terminated, its entire existence eradicated.”

      Matrix (1999): Neo’s Passport expires on September 11, 2001:

      (Click on image to enlarge.)


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