Global Research News Hour | January 6, 2017: Censored 2016: The Most Important Stories That You Never Heard About (Video)

Jan 7, 2017
This week’s episode of the Global Research News Hour features a special look at the most censored and suppressed news stories of 2016. We first speak with Andy Lee Roth, Associate Director of Project Censored about the organization’s list of the TOP 25 most censored stories of the past year, and about its most recent publication: Censored 2017: Fortieth Anniversary Edition. We next hear from John Schertow, the founder and lead editor of about the most censored Indigenous stories that barely got any coverage over the last several months. Finally, we are joined by Patricia Elliott, Assistant Professor with the University of Regina’s School of Journalism and faculty adviser with Project Censored about Canadian stories that got little or know attention in the major press over the past year.

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