Unlimited Power Cancer Protocol

Unlimited Power Protocol:

The Unlimited Power Protocol is a supercharged version of the Dirt Cheap Protocol. It takes the Dirt Cheap Protocol to a whole different level because it can be made as powerful as the patient needs the protocol to become.

First, study this article — What Causes Cancer — so you understand the theory behind this protocol.

Note that cancer is caused by microbes inside the cancer cells. If you kill these microbes the cancer cells will revert into normal cells. Many of the individual treatments in the Dirt Cheap Protocol are designed precisely to kill these microbes.

Fighting cancer is like fighting a fire. The more fire trucks you have the better the chance to put the fire out. In this protocol, you have an unlimited number of “fire trucks” at your disposal to deal with the cancer.

Many of these “fire trucks” are trying to do the same thing – kill the microbes inside the cancer cells. But other individual treatments in this protocol are also killing cancer cells and are doing other things such as building the immune system.

When using this protocol, because so many individual items are being used, it is important to follow these two rules:

  • At least 14 items which are actually part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol must be included,
  • Use only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day.

The second rule applies no matter how many protocols are used each day. The Kelmun (baking soda), a cup of asparagus, Stevia, wheatgrass, cesium chloride, Cellect, etc. are all highly alkaline. So only one of these can be used on any given day.

This does not mean the same highly alkaline protocol must be used every day. For example, a person could use the Kelmun every day of the week except for Sunday and then on Sunday they could use Stevia.

The Unlimited Power Protocol begins with the Dirt Cheap Protocol (DCP), but does not end there.

Dirt Cheap Protocol

As many as 17 or 20 items from this protocol can be used on the same days (14 of them must come from the Dirt Cheap Protocol). Note that 20 of the items in the Dirt Cheap Protocol have cured cancer by themselves. Many of these items are inexpensive and can be purchased at a health food store.

Three of the 14 or 20 items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol ARE REQUIRED because they are so important:
1) MSM/LIPH and MSM/Vitamin C
2) Beta Glucan (by “Transfer Point”)
3) Several “liver flushes” each day for two or three weeks

Transfer Point’s Beta Glucan is by far the best product to build the immune system.

If you cannot obtain 14 or 20 of the items from the Dirt Cheap Protocol, the “Inexpensive Cancer Treatments” article has many more items which can be added to the Dirt Cheap Protocol: Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

But remember that only ONE highly alkaline protocol per day should be used. It can be the Kelmun baking soda and maple syrup or wheatgrass or barley pills or asparagus, etc. But only one per day. And you can use a different highly alkaline protocol each day.

Note that the Dirt Cheap Protocol has a “liver flush.” A liver flush is defined to be a protocol that kills microbes and parasites in the organs so that the immune system can be supercharged. Along with Transfer Point, a “liver flush” is helping to build the immune system.

Use 3 or 4 “liver flush” items from this article each day for a couple of weeks. Additional Liver Flush Items

A “liver flush” is a key immune builder since microbes and parasites in the organs are usually a major cause of a weak immune system.

The “liver flush” is also key to shrinking tumors and making sure tumors which have been shrunk do not come back. There is also a special article on shrinking tumors (e.g. note the simplicity of the Poydock protocol). Use at least 3 or 4 total items): Shrink Tumors

Another key issue is to kill the microbes and parasites in the bloodstream. This is yet another immune builder and several of these protocols can be used at the same time, but it is not quite as high a priority as the liver flush. But it hopefully will create more kinds of neuropeptides and more of them. No one really knows the power of neuropeptides in relation to the immune system because of the microbes in the bloodstream: Kill Microbes in the Bloodstream

Again, multiple items can and should be used.

Getting back to the Dirt Cheap Protocol, one of those items is the DMSO/CD protocol, which is a combination of DMSO and chlorine dioxide. This protocol has been around for over a decade and is designed to kill microbes inside the cancer cells and thus revert cancer cells into normal cells.

However, there is a supercharged version of the DMSO/CD protocol called the “Perfect Storm.” The Perfect Storm may be the single most powerful cancer treatment in this protocol and it is based on superb cancer theory. Like many other items, it is designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells. Here is the article on that protocol: Perfect Storm – Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells

There is also another trick to supercharging the Dirt Cheap Protocol, called the Log Cabin Protocol, but weak patients should not use this: Log Cabin Protocol

There is also a trick to get microbe-killing substances inside the cancer cells to more effectively revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells: Water Trick

There are also more than 25 different ways to revert cancer cells into normal cells (the Dirt Cheap Protocol is loaded with these protocols): Revert Cancer Cells Into Normal Cells

Another cancer treatment, which is considered a “food” so it can be added to ANY cancer protocol at any time, is Fucoidan. As with many other items in this protocol Fucoidan has cured cancer by itself. The vendor provides free support: Fucoidan

Mangosteen and Noni Juice products (use Google) are also foods and cancer treatments and can be added to any other protocol at any time: Mangosteen and  Noni Juice

The High RF Frequency Devices

The “High RF Frequency Devices” are designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells.

For patients who would like to revert cancer cells into normal cells, a High RF Frequency Device is a good addition to this protocol.

These devices (depending on the patient’s budget) are based on the technology of Dr. Royal Rife in the 1930s. Rife knew way back then that microbes inside the cancer cells were causing the cancer. He designed a couple of electromedicine devices specifically to kill these microbes. His success rate was 100%, though I am sure he only worked with newly diagnosed cancer patients.

The Rife technology has been replicated with the High RF Frequency Devices (not their real name). We are not allowed to mention the actual names of these two devices.

The main purpose of the “High RF” devices is to revert cancer cells into normal cells. They are mentioned in the Dirt Cheap Protocol and are commonly used with other natural cancer treatments.

The “Plasma” device is the device with the large horizontal tube at the top of a large box. The “Contact” device is two blue boxes, which look very similar, but are actually doing very different things.

The Plasma device has one major advantage over the Contact device because the Plasma device can be used while the patient sleeps. Thus, it can be used for 8 hours a day longer than the Contact device. Either device can be programmed. Ask the vendor of the “High RF” device for the special instructions for using the device for cancer.

If the “Contact” device is purchased (for cancers below the neck only) and the patient has breast cancer (this only applies to breast cancer, neck cancer or esophageal cancer), a different way of plugging the device into the “Contact” device is needed.

This configuration is DIFFERENT than the standard configuration:

  • Put the red cylinder (i.e. the cylinder plugged into the red plug) in the right hand.
  • Put the red flat plate (i.e. the flat plate plugged into the red plug) under the right foot.
  • Put the black cylinder (i.e. the cylinder plugged into the black plug) in the left hand.
  • Put the black flat plate (i.e. the flat plate plugged into the black plug) under the left foot.

By doing this the electrical current will pass horizontally through the chest area. You want the electrical current to pass through the cancer as much as possible.

For cancers below the breast, the less expensive High RF Frequency Protocol – Contact is perfectly fine.

Reference Manual (Add 20 to 50 More Items)

Also, check the items in the Reference Manual for more ideas. The Reference Manual is a massive list of items in different categories the patient may be dealing with. Reference Manual

Literally 20 to 50 more items can be added from the Reference Manual to achieve specific goals.

The Reference Manual is the real reason this protocol is literally “unlimited” in power. Pay close attention to item #16 since it links to other websites which list hundreds of other natural cancer treatments.

You are starting with perhaps the best cancer treatment on earth, the Dirt Cheap Protocol, then you are adding the massive power of other treatments and can use as many items in the Reference Manual as needed, as long as the rules are followed.

The Cancer Diet

If the patient is strong enough they should either drink a quart of carrot juice or a quart of purple grape juice (hopefully organic because many grape vines are sprayed for pests) as one of the main meals of the day.

Otherwise follow the normal article on the Cancer Diet for the other two meals: Cancer Diet

Final Comments

With all of the above resources, it would be easy to have 30 to 50 items in this protocol — or even more.

For this reason, when using this protocol it is very important to designate someone in the family to really study this protocol and all the options that it has. Someone also has to keep track of what is actually taken.

The more homework this person does the better the treatment can become. More than 15 items should be killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, other protocols can build the immune system, others can be killing microbes in the bloodstream, others can be killing the microbes and parasites in the organs (the liver flush).

Just remember the key rule: only one highly alkaline protocol per day.

* * *

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