UK Column News – 4th January 2017 (Video)


Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with the first news update of 2017, including:

START 2017 the year of the Royal Navy
02:49 Ministry of Defence pays extra £100 million for new Offshore Patrol vessels
06:13 Brexit in chaos – as expected
11:40 NATO auditor assassinated – about to expose terrorist funding?
15:50 Russian response to provocations
17:08 Assassination of Karlov retribution for Putin “war crimes”
18:35 A third assassination: senior counsellor to Russian ministry of foreign affairs
19:21 A look at Eastern Europe: Poland, the Baltics, Ukraine and Georgia
39:44 In Germany, SZ exposes Facebook’s “secret” deletion policy
40:45 German politicians call for huge fines for “fake news”

H/t reader I.G.

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