Germany: Libyan Migrant, 24, Rapes Grandmother In Park, Claims She WANTED Sex – #MigrantCrisis

Refugee, 24, who raped a grandmother in park claimed she WANTED sex:

A REFUGEE who raped a grandmother in a park has claimed she wanted to have sex with him.

The 24-year-old offender – identified only as Ayoub L. – raped the woman in the German region of Saxony.

But he told a court the victim, 62, “wanted sex” because she “put her hand on my thigh”.

Speaking about the horrific attack, the pensioner said Ayoub L. grabbed her by the neck and dragged her into a bush.

She added: “Then he tore my pants down and pressed me with his weight to the ground. 

“I could not resist as I was afraid.

“He hurt me and continuously said ‘I love you’.”

When the rapist left the park after the rape in July, his victim called police and went to a hospital that same night.

Because Ayoub L. had already been investigated in other criminal cases, he could easily be identified by DNA traces.

The attacker, who came to Germany as a refugee from Libya in late 2015, was jailed for three years earlier this week.

During the trial, Ayoub L. had given a different story about the circumstances of the encounter.

He said: “I sat on a bench, waiting for a friend.

“Then the woman sat next to me, put her hand on my thigh and made me realise that she wanted sex.”

When prosecutor Daniela Nuendel if such things often happened to him, Ayoub L. claimed it was “common”.

Judge Gudrun Trautmann did not believe the rapist’s version of events.

He said: “Both his DNA traces and a torn-off headphone of his cell phone at the crime scene point to violence.”

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