Temperatures 30 to 50 degrees below normal to grip most of U.S.

Temps 30 to 50 degrees below normal to grip most of U.S.:

Washington Post dismisses it as a “cold snap”.

“Rare coast-to-coast cold snap to engulf Lower 48 late next week,” reads the Post headline. “The cold is predicted to consume almost the entire nation, from the Pacific Northwest to the Southeast.”

“Some parts of the country are forecast to experience temperatures 30 to 50 degrees colder than normal …. Far colder than we have seen in many years” … and they call it a “cold snap”?

“Most remarkable,” “rare,” “almost the entire nation,” “30 to 50 degrees colder than normal” … and they call it a “cold snap”?

I leave it to you. Is this honest reporting or not?



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