“60 Minutes” Interview (June 4, 1978) With Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai by Dan Rather, Mike Wallace and Morley Safer

On the television program “60 Minutes” aired on June 4, 1978, the former Prime Minister of India, Morarji Desai, was interviewed by Dan Rather, Mike Wallace and Morley Safer.

Excerpts include:

Rather: Tell us how are you able to run the government of India, working 12 hours a day or more, horseback riding in the countryside, talking vigorously in public at the age of 82 years young. Tell us your secret.

Desai: My diet consists of fruit and vegetable juices, fresh and natural milk, plain yogurt, honey, fresh fruits, raw nuts, five cloves of garlic every day, and I drink five to eight ounces of urine every

morning on an empty stomach.

Rather: Yack! You drink your urine? That is the most repulsive thing I have ever heard.

Desai: Don’t be alarmed, it is a very natural treatment. If you observe the animals, you will see that they drink their urine to stay fit. Observe them. In my country mothers used to give babies their own urine when they were suffering from stomach ache. And In the Hindu philosophy, in the Hindu customs, cow’s urine has been considered holy, and it is prescribed in every ceremony. People must drink it. So they drink their urine. That is not considered in any way wrong.

Rather: I guess you don’t consider this a strange practice?

Desai: No. It is not a strange practice. In America scientists are preparing extracts from urine for heart trouble. You probably don’t know that.

Rather: No, I didn’t know that.

Desai: They are doing it. So your people are drinking other people’s urine but not their own. And it costs dollars, thousands of dollars, while,their’s is free and more effective. Many medicines are worse in color, worse in taste, worse in smell, still people take them. I think it is much worse to take them. You should taste it to find out.

Rather: I guess so … I could.

Desai: If you drink all your urine (urine fast), in just a few days the body becomes purified. By the third day your urine is without any color or any smell or any taste and it will be pure almost like water. You will feel very good because your system is improved and cleansed considerably. Drinking urine fights the cause of all diseases and it cost you nothing.

Rather: Respectfully Mr. Prime Minister, I am not ready to try that.


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3 thoughts on ““60 Minutes” Interview (June 4, 1978) With Former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai by Dan Rather, Mike Wallace and Morley Safer”

  1. Hi,

    Do you have video of this interview? It would be interesting to see it. Desai was a bit of an odd person, no doubt. He did live to 99, though.

    I believe he actually had the right idea with some of his protectionist decisions of the 1970s (basically forcing Coca Cola and IBM out of India). Indigenous business did not pick up the way it should have–it should have been incentivized and promoted more. Hard to do when there’s so much corruption. Liberalization, privitization and globalization have driven India into the ground. It’s not just about GDP. It’s about culture (which has gone so far downhill since the early 1980s), pollution (plastics and river pollution have increased since liberalization in the 1990s), etc. A country like India should not have been liberalized for a quick buck and not enough people say it. Of course you’ll hear the same old line… GDP, bill of payments issue, blah blah blah. It’s just a bunch of bloated BS meant to keep us confused.

    • No, I do not have the video.


      About the Author

      Morarji Desai was born at Bhadeli village, Bulsar district in the Bombay Presidency (now in Gujarat) on 29 February 1896, the oldest of eight children. His father was a school teacher.[2] Desai underwent his primary schooling in Saurashtra The Kundla School, Savarkundla now called J.V. Modi school and later joined Bai Ava Bai High School, Valsad. After graduating from Wilson College, Mumbai, he joined the civil service in Gujarat. Desai resigned as deputy collector of Godhra in May 1930 after being found guilty of going soft on Hindus during the riots of 1927-28 there.[3] Desai then joined the freedom struggle under Mahatma Gandhi and joined the civil disobedience movement against British rule in India. He spent many years in jail during the freedom struggle and owing to his sharp leadership skills and tough spirit, he became a favourite amongst freedom-fighters and an important leader of the Indian National Congress in Gujarat. When provincial elections were held in 1934 and 1937, Desai was elected and served as the Revenue Minister and Home Minister of the Bombay Presidency.In 1978, Prime Minister Morarji Desai, a longtime practitioner of “urine therapy”, spoke to Dan Rather on 60 Minutes about the benefits of drinking urine.[17][18]

  2. I think this is great what he did. He made people aware of how to help heal themselves and at no cost. We need to go back to holistic therapies and get the pharmaceutical industry out. Watch Blood Business on YouTube. Very interesting.


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