Yukon temps dropping to minus 43C (-45.4F) tonight

Yukon temps dropping to minus 43C (-45.4F) tonight:

Imagine what it would be like without “global warming”


5 Dec 2016 … Extreme Cold Warning in effect for Old Crow

A period of very cold wind chills is expected.

An extremely cold arctic airmass has settled over the region.

An overnight low near minus 40 C (-40 F) combined with light winds will result in a wind chill value near minus 50 C (-58 F) tonight.

Tomorrow night will be even colder with an overnight low around minus 43 C (-45.4 F) that will combine with light winds to produce a wind chill value approaching minus 55 C (-67 F).

During the day temperatures will moderate, but wind chill values will remain below minus 45 C (-49 F).


Snowfall warnings extended to the Pickle Lake – Cat Lake, Summer Beaver – Wunnummin Lake – Kingfisher Lake and Pikangikum – Poplar Hill – MacDowell regions, with amounts to 25 cm (9.8″).


Blizzard warning for the Dempster region. near the Richardson Mountains, with wind chills to -45 C (-49 F).


Thanks to Terry Homeniuk for this link

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