And Now The Weather …


China airport closes in blizzard

Snowstorms and blizzards batter Russia and Kazachstan

Tokyo – First November snow in 54 years

Russia – Never so cold in many decades:

Record cold – Temperatures in most parts of Siberia and the Urals most typical for January.

South America – Winter refuses to let go

Early snow in New York City area

Scotland – Coldest November night in 6 years:

A bitter -11.7C was recorded in Braemar in Aberdeenshire – making it the coldest November night since 2010.

Iran – Snow and blizzards in mountain passes

Abnormally cold weather and blizzards in Russia:

A abnormally cold weather will continue in parts of the Tomsk region with lows dropping to -32 to-37 ° C

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  1. On the northpole and roundabout it is much warmer, 20 degrees while in Siberia it is much colder about 20 degrees. hence, …………


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