Putin Confirms Trump Is Willing To Normalize Russian-American Relations

Putin Confirms Trump Is Willing To Normalize Russian-American Relations:

The shadow cold war between the US and Russia may finally be over.

One week ago, Vladimir Putin explicitly called Donald Trump – something he hasn’t done to a standing US president in years – in which the Russian leader congratulated the president-elect on his victory in the presidential election, wished him “success in the implementation of the pre-election program, and noted his willingness to build a partnership dialogue with the new administration on the principles of equality, mutual respect and non-interference in the internal affairs of each other.”

During the conversation, Putin and Trump “not only agreed to assess the current unsatisfactory state of bilateral relations, but also spoke in favor of active joint work to normalize relations and aim for constructive cooperation on a wide range of issues. The call emphasized in particular the importance of creating a solid foundation of bilateral ties through the development of trade and economic relations.

Well, as of today, the world appears to be back on the way to re-normalcy.

According to Reuters, the Russian President said on Sunday, shortly after his last ever handshake with Obama in his capacity as president, that Donald Trump confirmed to him he was willing to mend ties, though he also said he would welcome President Barack Obama in Russia.

“The President-elect confirmed he is willing to normalize Russian-American relations. I told him the same. We did not discuss where and when we would meet”

Putin also told a news conference in Lima after the APEC summit that Russia is ready to freeze oil output at current levels.

Finally, Putin said he thanked Obama during Sunday’s meeting in Lima “for the years of joint work”. Putin added that he told Obama “that we would be happy to see him (Obama) in Russia anytime if he wants, can and has desire.”

We doubt Obama will have that particular desire – especially if he indeed intends to go back to politics – any time soon.

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