Asylum Seeker Minors Launch Brutal Attack on Family Enjoying Halloween Stroll

Asylum Seeker Minors Launch Brutal Attack on Family Enjoying Halloween Stroll:

A woman was left with damage to her cervical spine after she and her husband’s Halloween stroll with their children was interrupted by a savage attack by asylum seekers.

The couple, their five children, and three children who were family friends were horrified when two Afghans burst from a hedge to attack the family in a park in Kremsmuenster Monday night.

Austrian father Christian Sch., as he has been named in the country’s media, was attacked at around 8pm after he and his wife heard loud music emanating from a bush in Hofwiese Park.

When the pair went to see what was going on two migrants, aged 15 and 17, emerged from the bush and attacked in a drunken rage. Krone, along with other media outlets in Austria, revealed they did so because they felt that their drinking session had been “disturbed”.

The younger of the assailants struck Christian Sch. with an open palm to the face while the 17-year-old turned his ire to a 15-year-old friend of the family who was accompanying the group. The Austrian teen was left with a severely bruised jaw as a result of the uppercut to his face the migrant dished out.

As Christian’s wife tried to deliver one of the children to safety she, too, was attacked by one of the migrants, who apparently pulled the woman’s hair so violently that she suffered injuries to her neck.

In response, her husband punched the attacker in the face. In the aftermath of the attack, both Afghan youths needed medical treatment along with the adult woman, who was treated for spinal injuries.

Police arrested the two migrant youths following their unprovoked attack on Austrians, and the pair have been detained.

Police in Germany say they are helpless to defend their cities from gangs of migrant youths who terrorise the city with street crime and aggressive behaviour.

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