BRITAIN DIVIDED: UK’s most segregated towns where white population has HALVED in 10 years

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“The UK mainland is a small overpopulated island, about the size of Florida, consisting of three principalities, England, Scotland & Wales.
It had a population of under 50m after WWll, which has increased 34% to 67m now.
It is established that most immigrants are from what was once the British Commonwealth (West Indies, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, Rhodesia, Uganda etc) having either been encouraged to come to take jobs unfilled due to War casualties, or legitimate refugees from tyranny like Zimbabwe, Uganda.
Either way, the island is overpopulated, and most immigrants have failed to integrate properly, forming enclaves and even ghettos in some cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Bradford, Luton, Leicester, and of course London, which has an enclave for every nationality & culture similar to New York.Then the gangs of sex traders move in, but nothing is said.
When the indigenous population drops to 50%, most of those left move out to smaller towns and villages, as they feel strangers in their own home, so to speak. Our village consists of about 20% “White Flighters”, but to try to make these points just prompts dumbfuck political correctness.”

BRITAIN DIVIDED: UK’s most segregated towns where white population has HALVED in 10 years:

WHITE and minority groups are now more isolated from each other than ever before – while white populations in towns and cities have sunk to record lows, it has been revealed.

In extreme cases, populations have even halved in the last decade alone.

In Newham, east London, just 16 per cent of the population are white compared to 33 per cent 10 years ago.

And Blackburn has ranked as one of the most segregated town in Britain, where in the Whalley Range area 95 per cent of people are Asian and a local butcher has admitted he has never served a white person in the whole of his time there.

Mohammed Tabrez Noorji, who opened his butchers last year, said: “I do sometimes speak to the white people when they walk past but there is nothing for them to buy here.“It is not good that we all live separately but how can we fix this problem? Asian families like to live in the same area as each other so we can support one another, but then the white people move out.

“It’s not that we deliberately choose to live separately – it is just what happens. We want to live in this area because we are close to the mosques and all our families are very close to each other.”

And experts warn matters will increase in the same direction.

Academic Ted Cantle, a Government advisor on community adhesion, has warned the 2021 census will reveal polarisation has got even greater.The research, published by Open Democracy, calls on the Government to do more to promote mixed communities.

The calls have been made particularly relevant in light of the spike in hate crime reported since the Brexit referendum on June 23.

But not everyone wants ‘community adhesion’ to be encouraged.

Retired taxi driver Ian Goodliffe, who previously worked at a ‘white only’ taxi firm, said: “There are certain areas where white people no longer go and the same for Asians. They lead very separate lives.“There is an element of fear on both sides and then there is of course this awful racism. I hear it all the time.

“It is sometimes a gang mentality and everyone wants to stick to their own. There are whole parts of Blackburn where a white person would not buy a house but then there is the same for the Asians.

“There is a mutual distrust and the only way to change that is for people to mix, but we are at a total impasse and it is only going to get worse.”

Professor Cantle also said he met a Yorkshireman who said he was the first Asian to move into a street and within three years all the white families had gone.He said: “Some of those families made no bones about it – they are moving out because ‘they’ are moving in.”

The study, conducted by integration experts Professor Cantle and Professor Eric Kaufman, has revealed that white and minority groups are now more isolated from each other than ever before – even though England as a whole is more ethnically mixed.

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