Donations in October

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As you can see, the donations in October have been $90 & £25.

So donations (minus the PayPal fees and divided by 31 days) show you, that the website has earned way below $5/€5 per day.

And I am not just spending one or two hours per day working on the website to post all the updates & to keep it up and running.

So even $10/€10 per day would certainly be not much income, considering the amount of work involved.

Additionally, the donations in October have come from just 3 readers:

Reader S.M. has donated $50 & £25, reader R.D. has donated $25 and reader D.W. has donated $15.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!

I know the content of this website can be freely accessed and is totally free (and I’m planning to keep it that way), but I really hope that the website can find, nevertheless, some more contributors.

Shouldn’t the information offered here, on a day to day basis, have at least as much value as a lawnmower service offered by some kids in the neighborhood?

In order to stay up, this site really needs your support, …

… especially because it is not generating any income via annoying advertisements.

I am working and doing my best to help you stay informed.

Please support my work.

* * *

Donations in October: $90, £25

* * *

Donations in September: $20, £25, $100 (AUD)

Donations in August: $175, £25, €3

Donations in July: $55, £25, €25

Donations in June: $60, £50, €30, $10 (AUD)

Donations in May: $85, £25, $10 (AUD)

Donations in April: $75, £25, $50 (CAD), $10 (AUD)

Donations in March: $30, £25, $10 (AUD)

Donations in February: $245, £25

Donations in January: $85, £25

* * *

Donations in 2016: $920, £275, €58, $50 (CAD), $140 (AUD)

* * *

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