White House Says Obama Had No ‘Advance Warning’ Of FBI’s Clinton Probe

White House Says Obama Had No ‘Advance Warning’ Of FBI’s Clinton Probe:

As the news keeps trickling in, the latest information is that the FBI’s letter to Congressmen came without Obama being previously forewarned.

The White House on Friday said it was not given any prior notice on the FBI’s announcement that it was investigating additional emails relating to Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system.

We did not have advance warning,” White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters traveling with President Barack Obama to a campaign event for Clinton in Orlando, Florida. Schultz said news of the Federal Bureau of Investigation probe has not affected Obama’s support for Clinton.

“I don’t think anything has surfaced to changed the president’s opinion and views of Secretary Clinton,” he said.

To be sure, as John Podesta himself complained moments ago, the fact that this news appears just 11 days before a presidential election is “extraordinary”, and what makes it even more extraordinary is that the FBI, aware of what was about to happen, proceeded with throwing this live grenade into the presidential election without even conferring with the president.

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