Obsolete: Mini Documentary Trailer (Video)


Obsolete: Mini Documentary Trailer:

Hey guys!

We’ve been working diligently for the past year driving across the country filming our first feature-length documentary which is about 75% finished. In order to help finance the rest, we thought we would create a mini documentary for Amazon Video in lieu of a Kickstarter campaign. We’re hoping people will watch it for free on Prime (or free with ads) or rent for cheap ($2) to help us fund the rest of our film.

Thank you everyone for being so awesome as we’ve worked hard to build ourselves up to this point!


OBSOLETE description:

The Future Doesn’t Need Us… Or So We’ve Been Told.

With the rise of technology and the real-time pressures of an online, global economy, humans will have to be very clever – and very careful – not to be left behind by the future.

From the perspective of those in charge, human labor is losing its value, and people are becoming a liability.

This documentary reveals the real motivation behind the secretive effort to reduce the population and bring resource use into strict, centralized control.

Could it be that the biggest threat we face isn’t just automation and robots destroying jobs, but the larger sense that humans could become obsolete altogether?

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