Previously Unseen Footage Catches “Deeply Saddened” Obama Complaining About White Privilege

Previously Unseen Footage Catches “Deeply Saddened” Obama Complaining About White Privilege:

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Never before seen video, which was provided to by the crowdfunding platform WeSearchr, shows President Barack Obama complaining about white privilege during a 1990 trip to Kenya.

The video, filmed and narrated by Obama’s sister Auma, shows the U.S. president on his first trip to Kenya as a young man in his 20’s.

“I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs,” Obama says in the film.

Obama goes on to say that “things could explode at any point” as a result of the resentment black Kenyans have towards white people.

At one point in the film, Auma hints that her brother is offended when he sees white and Asian tourists treating Kenya as an exhibit.

“These strangers move about our country as a matter of course, with disturbing confidence,” Auma states in the video, noting that her people “are being exhibited” for the entertainment of the tourists.

Auma mentions that Barrack had refused to go on a tour one day that tourists were exhibiting Kenyan villages.

The cost WeSearchr paid for the footage was $10,000.

“The film is full of insights into Barack Obama’s psychology and worldview, especially with regards to the way he sees his family in Kenya and black-white race relations,” WeSearchr’s Chuck Johnson told

“How much of a black nationalist do you think Obama is? What do you think he thinks of white people?”

President Obama’s time in office has been plagued with racial tension, sparked predominately by media over hyping of police shootings and riots by groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’.

A majority of Americans are convinced that race relations have gotten worse in America under President Obama.

“Obama’s remarks in the video will provide further ammunition for his critics, who claim that the president has used the office to stoke racial division, especially given his sympathies towards ‘Black Lives Matter’, a group whose ideological inspiration is a convicted cop killer on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list,” notes Paul Joseph Watson.

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