Merkel Rules Out Bailout For Deutsche Bank: Depositor Bail-In Coming Up?

Deutsche is “too big to save”.

Continue to prepare for the coming collapse.

This mess has been caused by former Deutsche CEO, Bilderberg & Rothschild puppet Josef Ackermann.

Josef Ackermannjosef-ackermann

Mission accomplished!

Most Germans have no idea what is about to hit them.

The Rothschilds are about to totally destroy Germany (and not just Germany, but especially Germany) and much, much worse than a financial collapse is coming.


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Merkel Says No Aid for Deutsche Bank; Depositor Bail-In Coming Up?:

The €72 trillion (notional) derivatives mess known as Deutsche Bank remains under severe pressure. It’s market cap is $17.43 billion. It has no earnings and pays no dividend.

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1 thought on “Merkel Rules Out Bailout For Deutsche Bank: Depositor Bail-In Coming Up?

  1. Angela is NOT a Rothschild. She has no say in the future of the Deutsche Bank. That rests with you know who.

    Based on the historical events pertaining to the rule of the “too big to fail” principle, and the current share valuation, would it be prudent to consider purchasing shares in it?……or…. based on the principle of exclusive Rothschild ownership comprising Debentures, Preferential Shares, Class ‘A’s, Class ‘B’s and then the risky unprotected dross which we mere serfs can buy….”Ordinary Working Class Shares” it seems those in power benefit at our expense yet again………So steer clear.

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