Will The October Surprise Be More Shocking Than Everyone Expects? (Video)

The next two Fridays, Sep. 23 and especially Sept. 30, have a huge potential for a crash.

I would say it is a good idea to always go shopping and stocking up on everything on Thursdays.


SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan To Crash World Economy By October 2016 (Video)

The Jewish New Year starts on Oct. 3 and this is the beginning of the Hebrew Year 5777, the year of “Armageddon”.

TPTB have until October 12 (Yom Kippur 2016, which begins in the evening of Tuesday, October 11 and ends in the evening of Wednesday, October 12.) to make “something” happen.

Expect a market crash. (They could even come up with something extreme like nuking Manhattan.)


FBI searching for two other individuals that might have seen the FBI plant the explosives. US Government pushing race wars in Charlotte NC.US and South Korea are practicing on how to attack a nuclear facility. Russia contacted the US twice about the attack on Syrian forces. Russia shows a terrorist vehicle riding along side the humanitarian aid convoy. Russia also reports the US had a drone in the air. Russia wants an impartial investigation into what happened. Turkey will extend the war in Syria. Russia has changed the rules of engagement, any plane that approaches and attacks Syria is fair game. John Kerry pushes the agenda of a no fly zone in Syria.

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