Big Government Cracks Down On … People Sharing Books


Big Government Cracks Down On … People Sharing Books:

As we said in the previous post, most of life does not have to be subject to government regulation. This includes the sharing of books.

I am convinced, having looked at these sorts of issues for many years now, that there is a deep psychological need among some to control everything. That for some any ambiguity (or lack of uniformity) in life is uncomfortable and even unbearable. I am also convinced that many people who have this deep tendency find their way naturally into the bureaucratic superstructure. They think all of us should live within the confines that make them comfortable.

(From PJ Media)

The idea is simple: If you want a book, you take a book and leave another in its place. It’s a nice, sweet idea that has worked out remarkably well, considering how many folks out there are Grade A jerks.

Speaking of jerks, however, the government is cracking down on such book sharing. Because of course it is:

Last summer in Kansas, a nine-year-old was loving his Little Free Library until at least two residents proved that some people will complain about anything no matter how harmless and city officials pushed the boundaries of literal-mindedness:

The Leawood City Council said it had received a couple of complaints about Spencer Collins’ Little Free Library. They dubbed it an “illegal detached structure” and told the Collins’ they would face a fine if they did not remove the Little Free Library from their yard by June 19.

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