UK Column News – 5th September 2016 (Video)


Watch the video here:

UK Column News – 5th September 2016:

Today’s UK Column News with Brian Gerrish & Mike Robinson, including:

START Keith Vaz + Male Prostitutes = A spectacularly disgraced MP.
08:34 Economic Crime – An International Composium of Fig-Leaves
10:42 Miraculous new ‘Non-Conviction-based Confiscation Powers…’
12:57 ‘Free Trade’ is used as a Misnomer to disguise Transnationalists
17:23 Xi Jinping – Bold Initiatives & Large-Scale Investment Overseas
19:14 Assert the Rule of Law in Winchester : Latest BCG Conference
24:52 Lies & Propaganda? A fit of British Racism? Polish Man Killed.
27:43 Big Bang II : After the Brexit vote – ‘What’s Next for The City?’
32:38 Military Ships|Trade & Tech|Drone Boats|& Iranian Prowess
34:57 ‘So the Commander of ISIS is an American trained Operative?’
35:24 ‘Progress!’ Social Media presents an expansive list of Genders…

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